A regal thanks goes to "QUEEN" who left a musical and artistic heritage that gives us the opportunity to perform in front of their devoted fans!


A special thanks goes to:

Manager: Roger Nussi
Official photographer: Salvatore Caraglia
Dressmaker: signora Franca
Sound engineer: Giorgio Cazzato
DragQueen: Lady Oscar (Elena)
Personal Assistant: Gregory Libardi
Body Guard: Angelo Calabrese
WebMaster & WebDesigner: Stefano Raia - stefano.raia@libero.it
WebDeveloper: Antonio Raia
Audio Mastering, Drum and percussion: Marco Rollo - www.xlrdigitalstudio.net
Guitar: Fabio Prudenzano
Bass: Tiziano Masi
Drum: Simone Prudenzano
Bass: Mauro Capogrosso
Drum and percussion: Mino Leone - minoleone.altervista.org
Keyboard: Alessandro Intini "Thank Spike"
Keyboard: Giancarlo Pagliara
Bass: Giorgio De Nigris (GiorgJohn)
Bass: Francesco Fersini
Keyboard: Paolo Pupillo